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The Startup Colorado Funding Database for rural small businesses and entrepreneurs is sponsored by b:side fund.

Funding is one of the most vital aspects of starting or growing a business. It’s also notoriously hard to obtain. The Startup Colorado Funding Database aims to remedy that problem by providing an inclusive and easily-navigable list of funding options for startups and early-stage businesses in Colorado.

Below you’ll find the following funding categories:


Colorado-based equity investors, angel investors, and venture capital firms. In general, these funding sources can provide large amounts of capital but are typically reserved for business models that focus on a national or international import/export model with significant growth potential.


Colorado-based small business lenders who offer founder-friendly terms. Loan amounts and interest rates vary among lenders and loan types making them a flexible and obtainable option for early-stage companies across all sectors, industries and business types.


Comprises many of the state and federal grants available for Colorado-based businesses and startups. Grants can be a great option for a debt-free infusion of capital but many are only available for select regions or industries so be sure to check if you fit the qualifications.


Remaining funding resources that didn’t fit nicely into the other categories. This list mainly consists of crowdfunding platforms and revenue-sharing firms.