Julia Taylor didn’t set out to create an e-learning business for women; she was just trying to find a job that she could perform regardless of where the military stationed her husband. In 2014, she stumbled across website building and began teaching herself to code. The journey wasn’t easy. There was no curriculum, no benchmarks, and no community. Sometimes when she’d ask a question, the responses—usually by men—were derogatory. She pushed on and eventually founded GeekPack, a company that not only teaches women to code, but also provides a supportive, online community for learning and professional development. 

listen up, startups

Margaret interviewing for Startup Colorado Podcast

listen up, startups

We’re hitting the road with a brand new season of the Startup Colorado podcast. Join us as we visit entrepreneurs and small business owners throughout the state, from outdoor industry startups to tech founders. We’ll explore the biggest challenges and opportunities rural entrepreneurs are facing in today’s evolving business landscape.

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Founders of Gnara, formerly known as SheFly, an outdoor industry startup in Colorado.