Listen: Colorado’s Emergent Communities

With the help of outdoor recreation, arts and culture, and tech, two communities in southern Colorado are on the cusp of booming. In this episode of the Startup Colorado Podcast, we explore the opportunities and potential pitfalls inherent in emergent communities. Join us as we head to Trinidad for a moonlight gravel bike ride and a trip to the town’s newest music venue, before hitting the road to Florence where we check out Colorado’s second tech sector. 

*Note there is a brief moment of profanity in this episode. 

Featured in this month’s episode:

Juan Delaroca of Backshop Bikes in Trinidad

Curtis Wallach of the Trinidad Lounge

Kristi Rogers of the Trinidad State Junior College Collabatory

Brad Rowland of Emergent Campus in Florence

"I went about starting to develop the infrastructure tourism for gravel cycling here in Trinidad."

Juan Delaroca, Founder of The Gravel Adventure Field Guide