Listen: From Baker to Business Owner – How Jessica Larriva Launched Tumbleweed Bread

Jessica Larriva never set out to become a business owner. She’s a baker. But when her mother fell ill, Jessica returned home to Colorado’s San Luis Valley and soon discovered that starting a business was a necessity. Here’s how Jessica launched Tumbleweed Bread—an artisan sourdough baking company that serves the San Luis Valley—and a nonprofit that addresses food insecurity in the region. 

"We generally just try to make products that align with the way we live our lives."

Jessica Larriva, Founder of Tumbleweed Bread in Monte Vista, CO

Tumbleweed Bread serves the San Luis Valley in Colorado

Tumbleweed Bread is an artisan, naturally levened wholesale bakery in Monte Vista. Founded by Jessica Larriva in 2017, Tumbleweed Bread sources local grains to naturally infuse her baked goods with prebiotic fiber, proteins, vitamins and minerals. As a result of the pandemic, Jessica launched Tomorrow’s Bread to address food insecurity in the region.