Hannah Hopkins Walton, founder of SomeBunny

Founder CO-OPetition 2nd Cohort

Last year, Startup Colorado ran two Founder CO-OPetition cohorts for idea to early stage entrepreneurs in rural Colorado. The four-week pilot program merged the concepts of “cooperation” and “competition,” inviting entrepreneurs to not only build their own business, but also provide feedback for others.  At the end of the program, participants anonymously evaluated and voted for a winner. Startup Colorado provided $15,000 in funding, awarded to all participants in amounts of $2000, $1000, and $550. 

The two cohorts featured entrepreneurs across all industries – from food and beverage to the arts. Startup Colorado is currently fundraising to support this program in the future. In the second of two blog posts, we’re highlighting our CO-OPetition participants and their businesses. Click here to see the first cohort. 


Louise Barton & Jane Barden – Farm to Summit, Durango, CO

Farm to Summit utilizes local and imperfect produce to create just-add-hot-water dehydrated meals that are nutrient dense, flavor packed, and sustainably packaged. Meals are prepared in small batches with the aim to reduce waste in our food system while introducing some authentic farm fresh flavor into the world of dehydrated meals.

Farm to Summit backpacking food

Curt Lintville – PodDivvy, Gunnison, CO

PodDivvy provides the most effective advertising available for businesses by aggregating podcasts by genre to provide scalable campaigns. Work with dozens of podcasts with one simple agreement! For podcasters, PodDivvy helps quality, pre-HUGE shows succeed by providing revenue and download growth. More than 95% of podcasts are pre-HUGE with dedicated listeners. Advertisers have been missing out on a vast market of listeners for their brand promotions. PodDivvy makes it easy for podcasters and advertisers to climb to the top!

PodDivvy logo

Becca Williams – Like Hearts Lab, Buena Vista, CO

Like Hearts Lab, in Buena Vista, CO, is a sustainable, accessible commercial real estate development concept for social impact companies to sell, work, test, grow, build, convene, and partner. It enables socially-conscious consumers to buy, learn, explore, eat, play, stay, and connect. Like Hearts Lab aims to cultivate magical communities that accelerate impact.
Thanks, in part, to progress made during the CO-OPetition, Founder, Becca Williams, recently signed a lease for a 750 square-foot commercial space in downtown Buena Vista where she will be testing the concept starting this winter. Stay tuned!

Becca Williams

Hannah Hopkins Walton – SomeBunny, Fort Collins, CO

Cancer is a hard topic to talk about. Many women feel isolated as they go through surgeries and treatments. They don’t want to bother their loved ones and the idea of a support group feels heavy. Through authenticity, connection, humor, and storytelling, I want to reach out to women and give them a space where everyone is included. SomeBunny produces Soft Recovery Surgery Shirts for mastectomys and other life altering surgeries.  

When I connect with a woman to provide her with a Recovery Shirt Kit, she is often at the beginning of her journey. Every breast cancer is unique, requiring different treatment. However, the fear of the unknown and the life changing shake-up that comes with a cancer diagnosis is the same for everyone. Part of my goal is to provide grounding and confidence through access to comfort products along with being a conduit to others that are on their journey. Whether through direct interaction with myself, Somebunny’s social media, my podcast series, or Somebunny Cares non-profit, it’s helpful to know that there are people out there willing to connect. The ultimate goal is to help women lower their anxiety and put two feet back onto the path of life. 

Hannah Hopkins Walton, founder of SomeBunny

Sheamus Coke – Confluence Events, Telluride, CO

Confluence Events aims to serve as the confluence of recreation, health and good vibes with community growth and sustainable economic development. Organizing  fun and healthy events that provide the utmost value not only for the participants, Confluence Events also serves the communities that they occur within. The upcoming Hanging Flume 50k in Naturita will be Confluence Events’ largest event yet. 

Confluence race event

Roger Hosea – DocuPots, Sterling, CO

DocuPots are twice beneficial plant pots. Made from pulped, shredded office paper, DocuPots replace plastic pots. They divert waste paper from landfills and eliminate the need for plastic saving time and disposal costs. 

DocuPots before planting

Lexi Van Roekl – Elysium Open, Grand Junction, CO

Elysium Open helps businesses humanize the online sales process with tools that enable them to connect, guide, and build relationships with their online customers. With the Elysium software, businesses can easily and quickly enable video communication on any corner of their website, allowing them to drive sales, expand reach, and connect with their online customers just like they would in person. 

Elysium Open Customer Facing

Brock Predovich – Trustio, Cañon City, CO

Trustio is a simple web/mobile app that allows a freelancer or contractor to create a quick invoice. The client can fund a project partially or in full, then the freelancer/contractor uses the simple project management features to keep the client informed and happy until completion. Payment is then immediately released. In September of 2021, Trustio launched its first pilot. After receiving great reviews and feedback on the platform, Brock and his team have integrated new features as requested by beta testers for version 2 of the app. 

Wyatt Reed, Trustio

Christine Rice – North Coast Originals, Eagle, CO

North Coast Originials is the Vail Valley’s local food truck for hot, fresh donuts with gourmet toppings. By teaming up with local coffee roasters, North Coast Originals plans to build brand awareness and a larger following. 

North Coast Originals logo