Listen: Town Hall—How Love of Community Led to an Adventure in Entrepreneurship

When Robin Hall’s employer Smartwool announced that she—along with all other employees—would need to relocate from Steamboat Springs to Denver, she was faced with a big decision. Leave the company she thought she’d retire at… or stay in Steamboat Springs and wayfind a new future for herself. With true entrepreneurial spirit, Robin and her co-founders Jay Lambert and Joe Solomon decided to launch a business that was truly rooted in place: Town Hall, a sustainable outerwear brand for kids. Here’s how love for the Steamboat community led to an unexpected adventure in entrepreneurship. 

"It takes gumption and guts and stick-to-itiveness and willingness to fail..."

Robin Hall, Co-Founder of Town Hall

Yampa Valley Outdoor Recreation Coalition
Town Hall was founded by Robin Hall, Jay Lambert,
and Joe Solomon in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

The founders of Town Hall made the decision to put community at the center of their business. In this episode of the Startup Colorado Podcast, we explore how a place-based startup can tap into to the fast-growing outdoor industry.