Colorado has been in a persistent drought since the late 1990s and the threat of water scarcity is quickly becoming a reality. Since entrepreneurs are known for their problem-solving wizardry, we wanted to know how they're tackling the water crisis. In Episode 2 of the Startup Colorado Podcast, you'll hear from Jonathan Ballesteros (Founder of Geyser Systems), Connie Baker (CEO and Head Distiller of Marble Distilling), and Will Sarni (CEO of the Colorado River Basin Fund). 

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About the Businesses

Jonathan Ballesteros launched Geyser Systems - an extremely water-efficient portable shower - while living in the back of his van. It wasn't easy, but today this Montrose-based startup is now available in REI and is soon launching internationally. How does a camp shower address water scarcity? Jonathan believes the technology behind Geyser Systems will help make showering and hygiene more accessible in water scarce regions of the world.

Marble Distilling is one of the most - if not the most - sustainable distilleries in the world. Where most distilleries pour millions of gallons of water down the drain every year, Marble Distilling captures 100% of the process water and reuses energy harvested from the distillation process to heat their facility. They save more than 4 million gallons of water annually and capture enough energy to heat 20 homes. The sustainability measures Connie Baker - the CEO and Head Distiller - has developed save the business more than $3000 a month in water utilities alone. 

Money, like water, must flow, so we spoke with Will Sarni, the CEO of the Colorado River Basin Fund. This private equity fund seeks to invest in technologies addressing water scarcity and quality issues in the Colorado River basin. We hear, from an funder's perspective, why it's essential to invest in water technologies and the type of startups they're looking for. 


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