Jan 16, 2020

We love finding out about new educational opportunities and conferences that can inform and inspire community champions in their work. Erin Keck, the Director of the Alamosa Chamber of Commerce, recently made us aware of the Winter Institute for Organization Management in Tucson. She’s attended for a few years now and said it’s one of the best conferences on her annual tick list. So we sent her again just a few weeks ago. Here’s her experience:

What were your expectations going into the event? How were they met?

Erin Keck: This event/training is the primary reason I am able to confidently fill my role as Director at the Alamosa Chamber of Commerce. These courses set you up with everything you need to run a Chamber effectively and with best practices. This was my 3rd year attending the event, and it did not disappoint. I am equipped to meet my outlined goals for 2020 and beyond, and expect to have several new programs on the horizon.

How has this event inspired your thinking or strategy?

EK: There is no better place to network and brainstorm with your peers. If you are a Chamber professional and have not attended this program, you are missing the boat. I came away with almost 30 pages of actionable notes and ideas and ongoing networking benefits in my back pocket.

What was your biggest takeaway?

EK: I was able to meet 1 on 1 with professionals in my field to devise a a Leadership Program strategy tailored to the San Luis Valley (SLV). I have a plan in place and great contracts to reach out to while putting this program together.

What are your next steps?

EK: After sifting through my notes and prioritizing my goals, I plan to put together a Young Professionals program as well as a Leadership program for the SLV.

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