Nov 21, 2019

Some say we’ve reached peak podcast. We have to admit, there are a lot of pods out there… especially about startups and entrepreneurs and business and the economy and the issues. Well, with that said, we’d like to announce our very own new podcast series.

Let us explain.

There’s a lot of noise in the startup world – particularly the rural startup world. Everyone is talking about the potential for entrepreneurs building companies in places off the beaten path. But too often those perspectives are from urban voices, not the folks actually on the ground in places like Paonia or Hartsel.

Chris Caskey, Founder of the Delta Brick & Climate Company, will be featured in The Flyovers.

We believe that one of the best ways we can support rural entrepreneurs and communities is through celebrating these exciting and inspiring success stories. Not only is it important for folks on the Front Range to hear about the innovative work happening in the rest of Colorado; it’s equally important for rural entrepreneurs to be inspired and learn from one another.

We named our podcast The Flyovers, because quite often the most interesting stories are the ones happening in the communities you blaze past on the interstate or overhead in a plane. The Flyovers is produced by Alan Wartes Media, formerly of Gunnison, CO. (More on that in a minute!)

The first two episodes have aired (links below). Episode 1 features an in-depth conversation with Enoch Elwell of CO.Starters and Russ Schnitzer of the Gates Family Foundation at The Wright, an annual outdoor-inspired conference in Golden. In Episode 2, we traveled to Salida where Lane Willson is not only building an influential bikepacking bag company (Oveja Negra), she’s also helping create a strong entrepreneurial culture in her community.

Stay tuned for Episode 3, out next week, featuring the ski bums behind HempFoundry.

Now, about Alan Wartes Media. When we decided to make a podcast, our intent was to inspire other rural entrepreneurs or soon-to-be founders. What we didn’t expect, was to inspire the producer of our series… to buy an RV and take off on a road trip across America. Alan and Issa Forrest will soon be bringing you stories from across the flyover states, as told from their mobile recording studio. (Pretty cool, huh?)

You can subscribe to The Flyovers on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you typically binge on ear candy. If you like what you hear (sorry, we had to say it), tell your friends. Or, even better, tell your local public radio station. The Flyovers is available on the PRX Network, so you could help us spread the word on the airwaves.

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