Oct 02, 2019

Startup Colorado recently provided scholarships to help rural entrepreneurs attend the Colorado Springs and Denver Startup Weeks. Our awardees made the most out of their time in the “big city,” attending educational seminars and workshops, networking, and even finding a bit of funding. Here’s what Greg Olson, from the Growl Agency in Grand Junction had to say about his trip to the Colorado Springs Startup Week.

STARTUP COLORADO: What were your expectations going into the event?

GREG OLSON: I look for events that capture my c-cubed rule. Connect, communicate and extend my community. Living in rural Colorado, I live 13 miles from the Utah border and my office in Grand Junction. These types of meetings are important to connect to important resources to continue to grow and support our community.

SUCO: How has this event inspired your thinking or strategy?

GO: Continue to get involved. I signed up for the Economic Development Council meeting in the Springs in October to further my knowledge of what is happening throughout our state. Continue to build your expertise so that you can attract opportunities.

SUCO: What was your biggest takeaway?

GO: Connections! It was important for me to meet others who live in similar types of communities and hear how they are working to solve challenges and create opportunities.

SUCO: What are your next steps?

GO: Stay involved. Heading to EDCC conference in October. Continue to look for sponsorship opportunities to be involved and support others as needed.

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