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Join us as we share the stories of entrepreneurs, founders, mentors, and people involved in invigorating the rural areas of Colorado.

Effort to Increase Rural Entrepreneurship Receives America’s New Business Plan Grant



June 24, 2020

Collaborative Colorado Team to Pilot a Policy Academy for Rural Entrepreneurs 
A collaborative group…

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What We’re Doing


For many of us, the sudden upheaval of daily life is unprecedented. It can be confusing and even scary. But the most important thing to keep in mind,…

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Confessions of a First Time Hemp Grower


By Margaret Hedderman

It’s a cold, cloudless afternoon at the Plumthicket Farm near Wiggins, Colorado. The dried stalks of last year’s hemp…

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How One Climber’s Mindset Helped Build a Successful Business


The exposed rib cage of a Tyrannosaurus-rex bakes in the warm Colorado sun. Its backbone climbs upward from the skull like a ramp and the shoulder…

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You’re “Missing the Boat” If You Haven’t Attended this Conference


We love finding out about new educational opportunities and conferences that can inform and inspire community champions in their work. Erin Keck, the…

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Meet the CREW Working for Rural Colorado


Raise your hand if you’ve caught the “rural bug.” That is to say, if you’ve caught onto the incredible amount of excitement and energy…

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Startup Colorado’s 2020 Rural Resolution


Hold up. This is not a classic New Year’s plea to do and be better. This is about a resolute team of entrepreneurs and community champions in…

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Startup Perk: Financial Forecasting With the Blackpointe Company


If you’re an entrepreneur, juggling multiple tasks is just the beginning. You’ve also got to wear an ensemble of hats while maneuvering a few…

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It’s not Alt Rock, it’s Alt Capital: Money that Jives with Entrepreneurs


Money, it’s top of mind for every body.  At Startup Colorado, one of the things we hear over and over again is the need for it: meaning more…

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The Podcast for Rural Entrepreneurs is Here


Season 2 – Crisis Solutions for Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneurs
At Startup Colorado, we work with change agents across the state who are dedicated to…

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Responsible mining is necessary to build a conflict-free business


Startup Colorado recently sponsored the entrepreneur Lighting Talk at the San Juan Mining & Reclamation Conference and Innovation Expo, organized…

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Startup Story: How Shin Splints Lead to a New Venture


Joshua Levy had shin splints. He’d been playing rugby and the standard treatment – icing and stretching – wasn’t working. Levy had also just…

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Startup Story – How Gearo is changing the outdoor rental market


All Justine Barone wanted to do was rent a stand up paddleboard. She started by looking online then calling outdoor retailers throughout the Denver…

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The C-Cubed Rule: Greg Olson on the Colorado Springs Startup Week


Startup Colorado recently provided scholarships to help rural entrepreneurs attend the Colorado Springs and Denver Startup Weeks. Our awardees made…

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How Refinancing Transformed A Small Business in Rural Colorado


Like the fate of many childhood dreams, Brittany Phelps had let the ambition of owning a yoga studio fall to the wayside. Sometimes, however, life has…

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Celebrate the Hopesters


Bryan Wachs is a serial entrepreneur who has been involved in different ventures and consulting across the globe, both successful and not so much. He…

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Celebrating Stories of Rural Entrepreneurs


Startup Colorado began as a summer entrepreneurship program through the Silicon Flatirons Center at CU Boulder. The brainchild of Brad Feld and now…

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