Events are hard, but important. We want to make them easier.

Startup Colorado recognizes that community leaders are the champions of its mission, to build robust startup communities across Colorado, and events serve as the oil that keeps a healthy community moving forward. Unfortunately, event organizers are often discouraged by costs, time, and planning hurdles. For these reasons, Startup Colorado has set aside time and funding to support events in your local startup community.

If you would like to bring together entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, or really anyone, with the intention of supporting local entrepreneurship, Startup Colorado may be able to help.

What kind of events does Startup Colorado prefer to support?

Really anything that supports your local startup community. Bonus points for creativity. That said, we want some proof that you are being intentional about your event’s benefit for your local startup community. We give preferences to event proposals that:

1. Partner with local organizations

2. Include matching funds from local partners

3. Foster inclusiveness to anyone wishing to attend

4. Have stated goals (quantitative and qualitative) for the outcomes of your event for your local startup community. Startup Colorado can help you with this part.

Funding is great, but what else can Startup Colorado help with?

1. Event agendas, formats, and planning (we’ve done a lot of events ourselves)

2. Creating marketing materials

3. Identifying and inviting panelists, speakers, mentors, entrepreneurs, etc. from our statewide network

You should know:

1. We aim to respond to proposals within 7 days

2. We expect you to share invite/attendee lists

3. We will ask for measurable after your event

4. We applaud you for reading this document all the way through

So, how do I apply for event support from Startup Colorado?

 Request Event Funding