Aug 08, 2019

Startup Colorado began as a summer entrepreneurship program through the Silicon Flatirons Center at CU Boulder. The brainchild of Brad Feld and now Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser, Startup Colorado initially focused on Front Range tech startups. It has since evolved into a fully-funded program with staff located throughout rural Colorado.

With a new team on board, we’ve spent the last several months laying the groundwork for our program. After a productive, three-day staff retreat in Golden, we developed a mission statement and four key methods to pursue it.

Our Why – At Startup Colorado, our mission is to demonstrate that rural entrepreneurship can ignite a culture of potential, empowering people and places to thrive and define their own future.

We will do that by:

  1. Make trusted connections for entrepreneurs and community champions within a statewide network of resources including capital, government, educators, and mentors.
  2. Provide opportunities for education and networking through individual scholarships and community sponsorships.
  3. Celebrate stories about, and make visible, the people and places who are building for rural Colorado.
  4. Endorse initiatives that benefit the long-term resources and success of Colorado’s rural entrepreneurs.

You’ll notice one of our primary goals is to share stories about “the people and places who are building for rural Colorado.” Thus: the new Startup Colorado blog. As our team works in rural communities around the state, we’ll share those stories to inform and inspire other entrepreneurs, community champions, and creatives. By celebrating and bringing these empowering stories of blood, sweat, and tears to light, we will help build a statewide community of rural entrepreneurs who may grow and prosper together.

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