West Slope Startup Week Comes to Durango

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Confessions of a First Time Hemp Grower

Stephen Smith, the owner of Plumthicket Farms, discusses the hemp industry in Colorado.

By Margaret Hedderman It’s a cold, cloudless afternoon at the Plumthicket Farm near Wiggins, Colorado. The dried stalks of last year’s hemp harvest poke through a mottled blanket of old snow; fields stretching across the flat plains. Winter’s quiet is broken by the sound of Stephen Smith setting pots of dirt outside to freeze. “It’s […]

Listen: Land & People Are Our Cultural Levers

As Hickenlooper aired during his time as Governor, topophilia or “love of place” is a cultural norm in Colorado. We felt it essential to explore this dynamic as we launched the podcast series. Land and people are our core cultural commodities, and it is interesting to witness how one informs the other. The Wright, in Golden, CO – an […]