Our Team

Executive Committee

Anna Noschese, Managing Director

Managing Director, Silicon Flatirons

Jeff Kraft, Division Director

Division Director, Business Funding & Incentives, Colorado Office of Economic Development & International Trade

Phil Weiser, Co-Chair

Hatfield Professor of Law, University of Colorado Law School; Founder and Executive Director, Silicon Flatirons

Stephanie Copeland, CEO

CEO, Governance Project and Partner, Four Points Funding

Laura Pinnie, Associate Director

Associate Director, Zoma Capital

Brad Feld

Co-founder, Foundry Group; Co-founder, Techstars

Paul Major

CEO, Telluride Foundation

Tara Marshall

Director of Development Services, City of Trinidad; Board Member, Colorado Economic Development Commission

Seth Levine

Co-founder, Foundry Group

Brad Bernthal

Associate Professor of Law, CU Law School and Director of the Entrepreneurship Initiative for the Silicon Flatirons Center